Yú Parfums niche fragrance edition sustainable and vegan

Yú Parfums Answers: Are niche perfumes sustainable?

Yú Parfums is a community of niche fragrance fans, delivering unique olfactive experiences made vegan and sustainable.

Our niche parfums are vegan, cruelty-free and responsibly sourced. The very nature of niche perfumery means the production chain is small and consistent, as the alternative to mass produced fragrances.
The chances are you've heard more about sustainability in recent years as every industry from beauty to food production has had to take accountability for their impact on the planet. The fragrance industry is no different, and niche fragrance is leading the way.
How can fragrances be made sustainably?
For perfumes to be sustainable, they must be made using methods that do not damage the environment so that they can continue for a long period of time with minimal impact on the planet.
They should be replace, reuse and recycle ingredients, packaging and waste across the entire manufacturing process. Brands should choose local suppliers to reduce carbon footprint and reduce fuel consumption and emissons.
By consistently working with the same team and local suppliers, brands can create an equally conscious team to ensure a wholly sustainable manufacturing process. This is, of course, easier in niche fragrance as production is a lot smaller compared to bigger brands.
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Are Yú Parfums made sustainably?
First and foremost, Yú Parfums niche fragrances are made with the same local suppliers. We also have partnerships with international growers who share the same production values, ensuring any internationally sourced natural ingredients are responsibly sourced.
What is responsible sourcing, you ask? Responsible sourcing is when producers give back to the environment it's taking from, to ensure long-term growth can be maintained. In other words, we give back what we take from the planet and - importantly - environments that aren't native to us.
Beyond the local suppliers and international growers we create Yú Parfums with, our entire manufacturing process is built upon common values. The packaging is even recyclable!
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