A story for yú

A bustling city. The glow of daybreak. The hum of a forest. Inspired by our surroundings, Yú Parfums captures emotions and moments into chapters for exploration.

As a community of creative Perfume Authors our art is the characters we place into our curation; multiple and often with dual-faceted layers, our chapters deliver intrigue, drama, and indulgence.

Narrated by the best noses, we create bi-monthly gender-neutral scent editions containing three fragrance chapters, providing fragrances aficionados with the opportunity to discover a fragrance library.

Curious, bold and original in their composition, our fragrances begin the story of your day.

With ingredients derived responsibly from international growers, our formulation is vegan, cruelty-free and uncompromising in creativity.

We are more than a perfume brand.

We are