Discover niche fragrances with Yú Parfums niche perfume subscription

Yú Parfums Answers: Are niche fragrances vegan?

Yú Parfums is a niche fragrance subscription, delivering exclusive editions of three entirely unique fragrance chapters every two months.

With niche fragrance, it’s in the name. The very nature of niche perfumery can seem elite or inaccessible, when the reality is they are certainly more exclusive than mass produced fragrance but there are many reasons why.
We cannot speak for all niche fragrances but Yú Parfums exists to create totally unique olfactory experiences which are crafted responsibly. Due to the vast materials used in perfumery, it hasn’t always been crystal clear whether materials crossed paths with unethical practices on their way to the labs.
This lack of clarity is why Yú Parfum was created, so that fragrance lovers can enjoy with full knowledge of what’s in the perfume bottles and the process of how it all got there.
Now, what’s in our bottles? Let us answer some of your questions…
Discover niche fragrances with Yú Parfums niche perfume subscription

Are Yú Parfums niche fragrances vegan?

Yes. Every niche fragrance developed by Yú Parfums Perfume Authors are 100% vegan. Crafted with a blend of natural and synthetic materials, there are no animal derived components used.

Are Yú Parfums niche fragrances tested on animals?

No, certainly not. Yú Parfums is completely cruelty-free, which means neither the products or any ingredients have been tested on animals.
We responsibly source our raw materials from the same international growers for many reasons. Not only does this mean we give back what we’re taking but it means we have carefully selected trusted growers who operate entirely cruelty-free, with zero animal testing.
Discover niche fragrances with Yú Parfums niche perfume subscription
It’s important to clarify the difference between vegan and cruelty-free as fragrance components can be 100% vegan but tested on animals, or not tested on animals but using animal derived ingredients.
At Yú Parfums, we are committed to crafting responsible fragrances with sustainability at its core. This way, everyone can explore the niche fragrance universe in full trust and Yú can enjoy the unique experiences our Perfumers introduce to the world.

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