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edition III - Simply Significant

Minimalistic, gender neutral, linear and clean compositions.

For this edition III, our Perfumers explore the discreet and intimate skin-like scents, designed to resonate and hold a presence without being overpowering; scents that evoke an atmosphere of silence and serenity. 

Ready to layer formulations loaded with musks needing the warmth of the skin to bloom, use these scents as enhancers or layer with your previous editions for a further unique composition.

Working with international growers to harvest the finest ingredients, our Perfume Authors curate exclusive olfactory experiences for you to discover, whilst being completely vegan and cruelty-free.

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Every edition contains

Olfactory experiences
Three exclusive gender-neutral fragrance chapters
Designed to display
The letterbox-friendly edition box drops through your door bi-monthly
Refillable atomiser
Load with your chosen chapter and spray the story of your day

Full size bottles

The 100ml chapter

Available for a short time after the edition release, our 100ml chapter bottles are the ideal expansion of your fragrance library.

With small batches produced, we only produce limited numbers to avoid any wastage.

We care about what you care about

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Phthalates &
parabens free

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