Yú Parfums Answers: How to make fragrance last longer?

Yú Parfums delivers unique olfactive experiences for niche fragrance lovers, with exquisite long-lasting Eau De Parfums. How to make fragrance last as long as possible? We can help you...


Yú Parfums Answers: How to make fragrance last longer?

Yú Parfums delivers one-of-a-kind niche fragrances from expert noses who create unique olfactive experiences, which you'll want to last as long as possible.

Yú Parfums is a collection of Eau De Parfums, which as we know are longer-lasting than Eau De Toilettes. (Why? Let us explain.) However, while Eau De Parfums already last longer than EDTs, body sprays and whatever else, the way in which we apply fragrance also determines its strength and daily shelf life. 
We thought it was only right to let Yú know how to make your fragrance last as long as possible. From storage to old-age rituals born from movies, we're cutting through the myths to tell you how to do fragrance right. 
1. Apply fragrance to hydrated skin
Fragrance lasts longer on hydrated skin, which is why we recommend to moisturise first or apply fragrance immediately after your shower. By applying your fragrance to still-wet or freshly moisturised skin, it will sink deeper into the skin.
Also, to be really fragranced, you can put some droplets of your fragrance into a fragrance-free body moisturiser and mix them to give yourself your own matching moisturiser! (Yes, that's why gift sets exist... When you're a niche fragrance fan, you just need to invest some time into DIY.)
 How to make fragrance last longer
2. Don't miss your pulse points
A lot of people simply spray their neck and wrists then put the bottle away but we're here to say 'don't stop there!'.
We have nine pulse points on our bodies, so why only use two of them? Make sure to spritz inside your elbows, below your midriff, behind your knees, and on your ankles and calves. The lower you go, the more the fragrance will travel upwards and settle into your whole body!
3. Don't store in a bathroom
Fragrances are broken down by humidity, heat and light, so storing them in the right place is vital to ensuring they last as long as they should.
For these reasons, storing them in a bathroom is a firm no. Sunshine can break down fragrances so avoid window displays or anywhere that gets direct sunlight.
4. Don't shake your scent
Please, please, do not shake your fragrance bottle. Fragrance is supposed to be still. You might be asking yourself why, though? and the answer to that is very simple.
Shaking fragrance will mix the notes and eventually weaken their desired combined effect, which will change your fragrance entirely over time.
5. Do not rub it in
There's a strong cultural belief that rubbing your scent in will help it last longer but we're here to tell you that's not actually the case.
Rubbing your fragrance in (i.e. your wrists together) kills the top notes, which dilutes the fragrance completely but also ruins the journey from top to base. Of course, making the olfactory journey is not how you make fragrance last longer.
Any more questions? Take a look at our FAQs, find out more about our most recent edition, and read more about what exactly is in our fragrances.

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