Yú Parfum Answers: Are fragrances gender neutral?

Yú Parfums delivers unique olfactive experiences for niche fragrance lovers, unrestricted by outdated gendered views. Has fragrance always been gender neutral? Not quite...


Yú Parfum Answers: Are fragrances gender neutral?

Yú Parfums delivers one-of-a-kind niche fragrances from expert noses who create unique olfactive experiences undivided by gender.

Fragrances were not always marketed 'for men' and 'for women' because, well, they weren't always marketed. When perfumers began creating fragrances, they were distinguished by their fragrance families instead.
Of course, gender infiltrated everything in history, so certain fragrance families became attached to men or women based on their masculine or feminine essence. Gender stereotypes and traditional tropes evolved into gendered marketing, which changed personal preference to limitations.
Is fragrance gender neutral?
In the 19th and 20th century, fragrances became more divided based on the notes present in them. Floral fragrances became synonymous with women for their soft femininity, while rich spices, musks and woods were considered the olfactive representation of traditional masculinity.
The birth of capitalism, mass advertising and televisions only exacerbated this. However, Calvin Klein broke the mould in 1994 with the first marketed gender neutral fragrance, CK One.
The iconic perfume combined what had become traditionally masculine and feminine notes to create a balanced fragrance which complemented everyone. Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose, Violet, Musk and Amber all feature on the ingredient list, which now reads rather ordinary as we expect to find a balance of heavier and lighter notes in our fragrances today.
Niche fragrances Yú Parfums edition II
Are Yú Parfums fragrances gender neutral?
Gender neutral, unisex, genderless - whatever you'd like to call it, Yú Parfums is for Yú. Our perfumers craft niche fragrances with zero boundaries, to explore the endless possibilities of blends and accords, ignoring any manufactured limitations put on fragrance.
Each Eau de Parfum is created to realise the theme of every Yú Parfums edition. Outdated views on fixed femininity and masculinity restrict perfumers, and that's not what we or our perfumers ever want to give Yú.
Our gender neutral approach to fragrance was natural. It's why our first edition was The Fluidity of Woods, challenging notions that woody fragrances must smell one of two or three ways with the same ingredients
To us, fragrance is gender neutral because it has no gender in the first place. Explore the possibilities and become one with whatever it is you're attracted to and makes you feel confident.
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