Our perfume authors

An invisible veil on the skin, intoxicating moments captured from the first inhale. We create fragrances for your personal perfume library, to be totally unique and unforgettable.

Alexandra Kosinski

Christian Provenzano

Claudine de Vogel

Dominique Preyssas

Julie Pluchet

Olivier Maurel

How we talk about our fragrances

Each chapter of Yú Parfums is laced with keynotes and ingredients; our characters.

Our Perfumers begin with the Hero Ingredient, that punchy moment that encapsulates the fragrance.

To add dimension, the Eccentric Twist showcases how a scent should feel, the sensation as it lands on the skin.

Finally the Synergistic Pairings work in harmony, adding intriguing and rounding the olfactive illusion.