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Yú travels to Copenhagen, DK

The home of hygge, bikes and inclusivity. This eco-friendly scandi city regularly places as the happiest place in the world to live with an excellent quality of life. Whether you go for a summer break, or a crisp Christmas getaway, this place is perfect for the active urban explorer.

The first thing you will notice on arrival to Copenhagen is bikes. They are on every road (they are given priority over cars), propped outside shops, and every available space of a bike rack. Cars are so few and far between, it is unlikely you will use a car or taxi throughout your stay. With a City so compact and pedestrian-friendly, exploring by bike, or via a scooter hire is the best way to see the sights.

The sights

Copenhagen has plenty of sights catered to families and couples alike, but if you do go child-free, a trip to Tivoli Gardens next to København H, Copenhagen’s Central Station, can still be enjoyed by youthful hearts. Originating in 1843, there are plenty of imaginative rides including the Star Flyer which takes you 80 metres into the air. On a clear day, views at the top can go as far as the Swedish City of Malmö. For those who like their feet to stay on the ground, the Gardens host concerts attracting huge artists including Gwen Stefani and Tom Jones for the crowds to enjoy.
A must-visit area of Copenhagen is Freetown Christiania, the self-governing, ecology-oriented commune in Christianshavn. Explored on a sunny day, take time to appreciate the DIY homes, music venues and beer gardens. Built on an abandoned military camp, alternative people took over the area to establish their unique way of life. It is free to walk around the area, or guided tours run daily through the year.
Pretty houses in Copenhagen
Stepping into the area of Nyhavn, you are greeted by gorgeously painted houses and boats aplenty. On a warm day the harbour is a must – Take a spot on the boarded platforms and join other City dwellers for a dip in the self-cleaning harbour. An expensive area to eat and drink, pop here in between lunch and dinner before heading to other areas of exploration for a bite to eat.

Casual drinks

The laidback vibes of Copenhagen carry through to the evening, with trainers mandatory and a bike to bar hop. Copenhagen dwellers keep it relaxed with minimal prints, think chinos for men and loose-fitting midi dresses for women.
Craft beer on draft
If draft beers and fruity wine are your choice of drinks, there will be plenty of options for you to enjoy during your stay. Cocktails including popular spirits such as Gin and Vodka tend to come ready-mixed but are enjoyable over ice.  In the Vesterbro district, Mikkeller & Friends offers 40 artisan draft beers and 200 bottles varieties for you to work your way through. With an internal seating area and shared benches outside, take a seat and enjoy the atmosphere.
Over the lakes into Nørrebro the impressive Brus microbrewery houses over 30 taps, plus 8 tap cocktails. The bar has a large terrace area, or step inside to feel at home, surrounded by decorative shelves and comfy benches. For spirit lovers, we recommend the Mikropolis Cocktails Rhubarb Crush, however, drinks are constantly rotated so find your limited-edition favourite.

Sightseeing refuel

While Copenhagen is known for Danish pastries, there is so much more on offer for the taste buds throughout the City. Park your bike at Nørreport metro station and head round the corner to Torvehallerne where the senses are hit with smells, colours and voices from the urban market. Order a Smørrebrød (open sandwich) and a fresh juice. Finish with a selection of sweet treats from a variety of stallholders.
For vegan eaters, there is a multitude of options to choose from, with Souls Østerbro being a plant-based diet heaven. With a freshly made brunch menu and small plates for modest appetites, this menu packs a punch with earthy goodness. Grab a Coconut Latte to go if you need a caffeine pick me up.
Copenhagen is a hygge heaven of charm and calm, influencing soothing key notes for Yú Parfums fragrances.

Scent of the City

The crisp freshness of a green apple. The warming smell of a fresh baked cinnamon roll. The comfort of a waxy wood fragranced candle. 
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