Edition I of Yú Parfums niche fragrance subscription service

Yú Parfums Answers: What are niche fragrances?

Yú Parfums is a niche fragrance subscription, delivering exclusive editions of three entirely unique fragrance chapters every two months.

The innate exclusivity of niche fragrance adds a layer of mystery to this world of perfumery in the fragrance universe, making their initial appeal even more enticing. However, veiled by this mystery, we are often asked ‘what exactly makes a fragrance niche?’, so it’s time to pull back the curtain and explain the simply majestic nature of niche fragrances.
What makes a niche fragrance? Is it the notes? The accords? The Perfumers? The packaging? The brand name? Well, to begin: Niche perfumery is exclusive not to exclude but rather in how the fragrances are produced. Unlike mass perfume production, niche fragrances are limited, and created especially for those who enjoy the discovery of fragrance.
Opening bottle of Yú Parfums niche fragrance subscription
The art of perfumery is celebrated in niche fragrances. Niche Perfumers venture into new territories to create bold and boundless scents unchained to fixed ideas of what fragrance should smell like for genders or seasons of the year. With no desire to create something ordinary, they are driven by their environments and creative inspirations to make perfumery personal.
Our Yú Perfumers take the abstract influences of our natural environments to create unique fragrances that are simultaneously exclusive to those searching for niche fragrance and accessible to all. Edition I saw them realise The Fluidity of Woods, edition II delivered A Tactile Experience, and edition III explored intimate skin-like scents with the Simply Significant.
edition III of Yú Parfums niche fragrance subscription
With only the finest (and responsibly sourced) natural ingredients, each blend carefully and considerately selected, and close attention paid to the environmental impact of each creation, Yú Parfums niche fragrances offer an olfactory experience that can only enrich lives.

Discover every edition of our genderless, vegan Yú Parfums niche fragrance library now.