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Inside the minds of our Perfume Authors

Perfumes are a little bit like pieces of art or music; they are conjured up and presented to an audience in the hope of evoking a strong emotion and a lasting memory. Perfumes aren’t simply created in the nose of a perfumer, but they are a concentration of wide and contrasting ideas, harnessed over a lifetime. Perfumers are often asked where they get their inspiration from, so here is a sneaky peak into the fascinating world of the Yú Perfume Authors and where they get their ideas.

Not surprisingly nature is a big inspiration for our team as a large percentage of a Perfumer’s raw material palette come directly from nature, but so do many of their ideas. Julie Pluchet, Perfumer of chapter I and II grew up in the French countryside; ‘Nature and the outdoors has always influenced my fragrance creations. Snatched scents that float past on a breeze, such as at the seaside or a farmer’s market, can instantly drive creativity. ‘I grew up in Grasse, so the surrounding area of Provence have always inspired me,’ Oliver Maurel, Perfumer comments, ‘the natural landscape provided me with so much creativity from a young age’.
Foaming ocean
Smell and taste are two intrinsically linked senses and that explains why many of our team also find inspiration in cooking (and eating!). Many of the materials the Perfumers use to create scents can also be eaten – spices, herbs, flowers, citrus fruits - which gives a whole new dimension to how they might combine with other ingredients to create new fragrance accords.
Just like art and music Perfumers are also inspired by other Perfumers. A novel accord created by one Perfumer can be spun in so many ways by another. Even smelling someone else’s work in a different environment, such as at a club or mingling with the background odours of a café can lead to diverse and exciting new ideas and fragrances even better than the original. Our Perfume Authors have access to a studio full of ingredients for inspiration. Given time to experiment, our team come up with concepts that deliver a truly unique olfactive experience.  
Thinking outside of the box
Developed and constantly evolving across a lifetime, a Perfumer develops an olfactive universe using chemical and natural materials to combine into something magical. Scented memories are captured and stored in their brain’s fragrance library ready to be delved into when required; for a client brief or in an ideation session. ‘Memories of times through my life have influenced the scents I have produced,’ notes Perfumer Claudine de Vogel, ‘moments shared with my family, through to social settings all have input into my creations.’
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Yú Parfums creations are exclusively made for our community by our team of Perfume Authors who are constantly inspired by the world around them. It could be a mountain range on a crisp day, the breeze by the ocean or a rain-drenched walk. Curated memories and new moments to be enjoyed by all who wear our fragrances.