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House plants that do wonders for the soul

Long gone are the days when an orchid added life to living and dining areas. Today house plants are making a comeback with homes being taken over with numerous and often giant horticultural features (see #plantsagram for evidence). We take you through some shrub, grasses and vines to bring the outside inside.

Spider plant

Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Known to clear the air of harmful substances, the Spider Plant takes our Brand Manager Claire back to her childhood, ‘My mum kept a spider plant for many years after my nan passed away. I always remember being fascinated with the long thin leaves and the fact that it had spider in the name’.
A great addition to your home if you suffer allergies, this plant filters out many harmless substances. This is an ideal plant for a city centre home to purify the air.
Care: The Spider Plant is a perfect place for new gardeners to start their green fingered journey as the upkeep is minimal. Kept in bright but indirect sunlight area the Spider Plant loves temperatures of 13-18 degrees. If you forget to water your plants the Spider Plant will survive with it being beneficial to allow a full dry out in between watering.
Green tip: If you notice the leaves turn a shade of brown, simply use rainwater to water rather than tap water. The browning is usually due to a build-up of fluoride which the use of rainwater will eradicate. 
Selection of succulents

Mexican Snowball (Echeveria elegans)

A beautiful plant to add to your home, the Mexican Snowball has leaves that vary in shade from light green, through to purple. Formed in a tight rosette formation, lucky growers will be blessed with pink and yellow tipped flowers that can grow in the shape of a lantern. Perfect for smaller spaces, this succulent will grow to a height of around 10cm. Happy to be placed in full or partial sunlight, this plant will add life and soul to you home.
Care: When watering it is best to use the soak and dry method, ensuring that the soil is completely dry prior to watering again.
Green tip: If you are feeling adventurous gardeners can try rooting offsets of this plant to create stunning stone wall features.
Bunch of lavender

Lavender (Lavandula)

The unmistakable scent of Lavender is not only a rewarding plant to have in the home but also a keynote that we include in our fragrances. Perfumer Julie Pluchet not only loves to work with the oil, but also understands the power of this incredible scent, ‘Providing relaxation, I find that this beautiful plant decreases stress and elevates feelings of serenity. Take a moment to breathe in aroma for an overwhelming olfactive effect’.
With silver, grey foliage and unmistakable purple flora this plant will thrive in the outdoors and can be trimmed to bring inside. 
Care: Trim annually as Summer ends to keep the shrub under control.
Green tip: Lavender loves the sun, so make sure your outdoor plant is in an area exposed to sunlight.
tiger tooth aloe

Tiger Tooth Aloe Vera (Aloe juvenna)

This super fun plant will bring colour and drama to any area of your home. Taking its name from the teeth spines along the leaves’ edge, this plant prefers warmer climates to survive, so a prime position in a kitchen or dining area is a great home for this Aloe variant. Featuring creamy spots all over, as the plant grows the leaves will stack creating a unique shape.
Care: Be careful to not water the leaves, instead water directly into the soil, ensuring you do not over water.
Green tip: Place in a bright location in doors to watch this succulent thrive!
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