Discover niche fragrances with Yú Parfums subscription service

Yú Parfums: Discover the niche fragrance subscription

Three fragrances, every two months, each edition one of a kind: Yú Parfums invites you to discover niche and unique scents inspired by the world around us. 

Curated and created by expert Perfume Authors Parfums offers the chance to build a unique fragrance library with bi-monthly editions featuring three never-before smelt fragrance chapters. 
With three exclusive gender-neutral fragrances making every edition, each one is an artistic manifestation realised from emotions and moments influenced by the nature we share and the cultures which embolden us. 

Are you inspired by the world? Do you search for the finest, most responsible fragrances? 

 Parfums is imagined by renowned international thinkers who create experiential fragrances for the curious. Our bi-monthly editions unearth the finest ingredients to bring the community a trio of original, never-before smelt fragrances which cherish and protect the planet. 
Our leading Perfume Authors develop each edition with the finest responsibly sourced ingredients from international growers for everyone to explore. All three fragrance chapters from each edition are uncompromisingly unique - made vegan and cruelty-free with recyclable packaging – to build a fragrance library unlike any other.
" Parfums is a united community developing a library of fragrance chapters drawing inspiration from our surroundings to curate unique scents."

Learn cultures through the power of fragrance

Your nose can detect over 10,000 smells and attach memories to them, meaning there are thousands more scents still to discover that will enrich your life experiences. 
The first edition of  Parfums launched in November 2020The Fluidity of Woods saw perfumers Julie Pluchet and Alexandra Kosinki deliver unexpected, eccentric twists to traditional woody notes for an avant-garde olfactory experience.
The second edition – A Tactile Experience  arrived in January 2021. Perfumers Christian Provenzano and Julie Pluchet experimented with textures, temperature and players to explore the tactility of scent and symbolism of fragrance being a second skin. 

Explore with no boundaries every season 

Bi-monthly editions of  Parfums bring three daring chapters to your door every two months for only £40, with no additional charges for shipping. With each edition, you receive 3 x 10ml fragrance chapters and 1 x atomiser, allowing you to choose which scent will embolden you each day fuss-free. 
For a short time after each edition release, you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase our 100ml chapter bottles. Should one fragrance chapter offer an olfactory experience so life-changing, you can purchase a limited edition 100ml bottle to take your exploration that bit further. 
 Parfums offers a bespoke experience conscious of the environment, therefore the 100ml chapter bottles are not mass produced to avoid wastage.

Curated by the best noses for fragrance aficionados, Yú Parfums is a unique niche fragrance subscription designed for the boldest and most curious among us.