Yú Parfums niche fragrance subscription first edition - how it works

Yú Parfums Answers: How do fragrance subscriptions work?

Yú Parfums is a niche fragrance subscription, delivering exclusive editions of three entirely unique fragrance chapters every two months.

Our niche fragrances are vegan, cruelty-free and responsibly sourced. All of our fragrances are packaged in recyclable packaging and produced in limited quantities to reduce wastage.
Yú Parfums exists to offer fragrance aficionados experiences they cannot get elsewhere. With sustainability and natural ingredients at the core of our fragrances, we work with a team of renowned Perfumers who craft niche scents for Yú.
How does the fragrance subscription work?
Every two months, we send Yú Parfums subscribers a new themed edition with three novel olfactive experiences straight to their door.
To join the Yú Parfums community, you simply choose one of our three tiered subscription options. Want something non-committal? Get your first edition with the bi-monthly subscription. Sold and ready to explore the world of niche fragrances with us? Sign up for six or 12 months.
Yú Parfums niche fragrance subscription first edition
What does the fragrance subscription give me?
Every bi-monthly edition comes with three 10ml fragrances, each specially crafted for that limited edition. The fragrances come in a sleek black box with a slick refillable atomiser, so you can easily switch up your scent every day or week if you fancy.
With Yú Parfums, all community members receive free shipping so there will never be any additional costs.
Yú Parfums niche fragrance subscription third edition
How much does a fragrance subscription cost?
Yú Parfums has a three-tier subscription so you can choose which best suits you.
  •   The bi-monthly subscription is a rolling membership costing £40 every two months, which gives you one edition every two months.
  • The six month subscription gives you three bi-monthly editions for a one-off payment of £105 (and this is the most popular option).
  • For the best value, the annual subscription gives you six editions for a one-off payment of £190.
Any more questions? Take a look at our FAQs, find out more about our most recent edition, and read more about what exactly is in our fragrances.

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