Meet Alexandra Kosinski: The niche perfumer behind Chapter IX

Alexandra Kosinski is the nose behind Chapter IX, the radiant and warm niche fragrance closing edition III. Inspired by nature and her affinity with raw materials, this niche fragrance is a unique olfactory journey that enhances the skin's natural scent.


Alexandra Kosinski discusses niche fragrance Chapter IX of edition III of Yú Parfums

Edition III of Yú Parfums explores the Simply Significant in life, and our renowned Perfume Authors crafted three special fragrance chapters uniquely inspired by the natural of the world.

Alexandra Kosinski is the expert nose behind Chapter IX, the radiant fragrance that closes edition III. The radiant fragrance takes you on an olfactory journey of layered musks and lingering crystal ambers, with leathery shades of saffron, tonka bean, and a divine accord of sun-warmed sand. Created by Alexandra to enhance the natural scent of skin, this unique fragrance chapter is a sensational marriage of contrasting notes that bring a warmth to the skin.
Alexandra has been crafting niche fragrances since the beginning of her career in perfumery, drawn from her affinity with beautiful raw material. Her love for nature was key to the creation of Chapter IX. We spoke to Alexandra to find out more about her process and inspirations when bringing the fragrance to life…
Alexandra Kosinski discusses niche fragrance Chapter IX of edition III of Yú Parfums


Why do you make niche fragrances?

“I was always passionate about nature, so when I discovered you could have it in a bottle I knew I wanted to enter this world.”

You said you like to ‘create fragrances with as few ingredients as possible throughout your career, which ingredients did you go to first for Chapter IX?

“In Chapter IX, I wanted to explore the dry amber notes,” Alexandra says, keen to push them “to their extreme [and] use of them in overdose. [Then] the multi facets of the musks with touches of spice on top, [using] nutmeg and cardamom.”

With Chapter IX, you have created a fragrance inspired by skin, the most natural of all. Why did themes of clean and minimalism take you there?

“I love to wear fragrances that enhance the skin, so it was so nice to work on this theme.”
  Alexandra Kosinski discusses niche fragrance Chapter IX of edition III of Yú Parfums

There are three synergistic pairings in Chapter IX -Tonka Beans + Powdery Musks,Saffron + Cardamom,Dry Ambers + Blond Wood – which is your favourite?

“Ambers and musks are my favourite pairing I paly with together [as] they create a great yin and yang fragrance.”
Alexandra’s combinations and eccentric twists achieve what she set out to do, creating a fragrance that truly enhances exquisite natural scents with a gorgeous caramel glow. Her passion of bottling nature is evident in the unique notes used as Chapter IX is a wonderful manifestation of beautiful skin, bringing a serene essence to edition III of Yú Parfums.

Discover the Simply Significant world of niche fragrances with edition III of Yú Parfums, where you can explore Chapter IX in all of its glory.